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Anybody with early login emails

This is for anybody that has recieved a email to come here. Only a handful have been sent this so far. I need to get a few in and test some thing before moving it over to the main domain. Once over, log-ins should contiune to work as anything else you have set.


Rick "Booga" "Buga1"


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Just making sure I stated things right. Your log-in that you used to get into the New CC site is what you will still contiune to use once I move it over to the main domain. I will send out invites again to all who have not log-in while is was in beta. As the first emails won't work when I move it over. Again for only those who didn't come in during the beta testing.


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So far so good

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Good to see ya Red. Im still working on the "Spa". :o)


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