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The Calm Chaos Shop

Welcome to the Calm Chaos Shop, courtesy of Cafe Press.

Clicking on the link below will take you to the Cafe Press site for Calm Chaos gear.

All items are priced at 1 dollar or less above cost.

Any proceeds from the sale of the items found on the Cafe Press page go directly into the Calm Chaos Team Fund and will be used for
normal operating expenses such as server space.

All team members, mods, admins and our webmaster are volunteers and none of the proceeds from the sale of Calm Chaos gear are
used to pay anyone.

We are always looking for new gear ideas. So if you see an item that you would like to buy, but it doesn't have the image
you would like on it, we are happy to work with you and get the image you want on the gear you want.

Calm Chaos Shop

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