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I'm throwing some CPU time back at us, been awhile.

I don't have my GPU anymore,

I don't have my GPU anymore, what's the best payout right now? I can put it back in for Milkyway if that's still beneficial.

Added my GPU back in, running

Added my GPU back in, running Collatz, seems to be the best for now. It's also using the iGPU in my i3, so there's that I guess.

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RE: Hi Danielmid. :-)

GPUs yield more credits per hour than CPU; plus, with an "app_info.xml" file you can set that so that, (if your card has 2 GB RAM or more), the GPU crunches 2 Units at a time.

I have my Hackintosh, (PC that thinks it's a MAC Pro 3,1 from 2008), on OS X 10.11.4 with TWO EVGA GTX-750TI SC cards. Each 750 crunches 2 Units at a time. So, in theory, (depending on Unit AR and crunching times), I can crunch 4 Units in an Hour. Though some Units still take slightly longer than an hour to complete, and some take 20 to 30 Min to complete.

Still, what takes a GPU 20 Min to complete COULD take a CPU multiple hours to complete.

If you have the room, and the monetary means, and PSU Wattage Support, you could look into EVGA GTX-1050TI SC cards, or even higher.

I'm limited by OS. 10.11.4 does NOT play nice with the 10x0 cards. The new Sierra OS does make use of them; but, you'll want to go NO HIGHER than 8.0.71 on the NVIDIA MAC CUDA Driver. TBar has done EXTENSIVE testing and work with these cards, and has stated that on MAC the CUDA Drivers built specifically for Sierra are WARPED and do NOT function well for crunching BOINC Projects.

PCs on the other hand, while using the Evil Empire's OS, can be manipulated easier. CUDA Drivers seem to be built into the WHQL Video Drivers supplied by NVIDIA. If you are brave, you could also play with Linux; but, I can't help with that. Linux is beyond my capabilities to understand and manipulate. I've tried several times, and the best I can do is get the damned thing installed and get the Desktop set up. Using Linux is beyond my understanding due to its EXTENSIVE use of Command Line in Terminal.

I'm STRICTLY GUI driven. I prefer MAC OS to Windows, and Windows to Linux. Give me my Double Click to install ALL programs! Linux DOES NOT do this as a standard. (SOME things are able to be installed with Double Click in Linux. MOST things are Command Line.)

I built Andromeda, (the Hackintosh), last year. It supplements my Win 7 Pro x64 drive on the same system. Windows, though, is named Prometheus. IF I get brave enough to try again; I COULD install a third Hard Drive for Linux and make the system Triple Boot. (NOT interested in Linux enough to make that happen, though.)


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