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What are you Reading Now?

Just share the title, by author, genre + category and a brief impression of the book.
Plus, if the author has a website- share the link

Extreme Honor by Piper J Drake (2016)
fiction- romance / suspense

Book 1 in The True Heroes series

I don't normally go for bodice rippers these days but this one caught my attention. it was the dog, really. Belgian Malinois are a beautiful breed.

The story revolves around the 2 people charged with helping Atlas, a military working dog, recover from the loss of his handler.
Atlas literately carries a secret that puts them all in danger. It's up to David Cruz, former military now dog trainer and Evelyn Jones, dog whisperer to help Atlas recover from his loss. At the same time mystery is afoot with danger and suspense as someone wants Atlas for the secret he carries.

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