Past users.

Hello Team,

If anybody is having issues signing-up or did not get the invite email. Contact us. I created all our past users and sent out invites. I have a few returns for a couple people. But to move over the old posts and DB I need to have the same users names and such. You can create a new one (slightly different name would be needed) if you need to and can clean up or move what is needed to get you set up straight.

Again sorry for all the quick changes that needed to be made. But I do appreciate everyone that has commented and help test things. Great to have you all with us.

As a side note. Calm Chaos will be 10 years old on May 15. So lets get to crunchin'. Smile

The Move

Ok Guys and Gals. Got the site moved and updated. Still many things to do. But it is back to being usable and all the server side stuff has been upgraded. Though different, we hope you enjoy it. If you have any issues or problems please let us know. Either by forum, PM or email. I will be sending out invites to all members to come to the new stuff. Anyone can still sign-up. But if your username is not available it might mean I have already sent out an invite for you. Make sure to check junk folders.

Thanks, and have a great day.

Rick "Booga" "Buga1"

Anybody with early login emails

This is for anybody that has recieved a email to come here. Only a handful have been sent this so far. I need to get a few in and test some thing before moving it over to the main domain. Once over, log-ins should contiune to work as anything else you have set.


Rick "Booga" "Buga1"


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